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I began my professional career in massage therapy in 1989 and held my first license in the State of Florida in 1990.  I have studied, developed and practiced many modalities including neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic drainage, massage cupping, prenatal massage, & craniosacral therapy.


In 2013 I began a deep dive and training in pre and perinatal studies with Myrna Martin MN, RCC, RCST®. We learned of the many ways that experiences, especially our early experience, can land in the body and mind and how to fine tune our senses in working with these layers of  experience. Through this training and many years of hands on work with clients I have developed an awareness of the ways in which trauma, if not resolved, can be held in the body, creating physical symptoms. Some of these symptoms include chronic headaches, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

I offer an open heart and listening hands along with a safe space for fear, shock, emotional distress and imprints which can be held in the body from accidents, birth trauma or illnesses to come to the surface for resolution. The inherent health in the system is always looking for the support that it needs to rise up and release anything that creates imbalance therein.

Over the years of being a practitioner I have refined my skills to a gentler approach using mostly a blend of Lymphatic Drainage, Cranio-sacral therapy & myofascial release techniques.  I have found that through these more gentle and sublet ways of working,  my clients are experiencing a deeper level of release in their tissue and nervous system resulting in less pain and more ease all around.

In 2016, my husband, Andrew, and I found the perfect property in downtown Charlottesville to create a dream that I've held for years. After a year and a half of hard work and determination, we are happy to have brought this dream to fruition. Longtide Wellness Collective is a tranquil space in the heart of Charlottesville where experienced practitioners come together for the health and wellness of our beloved community. We are excited to see this vision unfold in the community.

Lory Bedotto LMT, MLD, NCBTMB
Founder, Longtide Wellness Collective and Cville Massage Therapy
Massage Therapist


I started my journey with massage therapy in 1999, studying in Washington, DC, at PMTI (Potomac Massage Therapy Institute), and have been practicing for over 22 years since. I have worked in spas, resorts, wellness centers, private practice, and (in the last 9 years) in clinical settings. In those years I've partnered with chiropractors, and a functional neurology practitioner. I recently devoted 5 years assisting patients navigating peripheral neuropathy, and chronic knee pain.  


I've integrated a diverse array of continuing education courses paired with the many thousands of hours I've spent with my hands connecting with the wisdom of human the body. I am continuously listening and learning with an intent to be of service --to offer my gifts always in service to my clients' health. For the majority of my years I focused on my technique in deep tissue, and Swedish massage. 


In the last several years I've taken to investigating the realm of trauma, paired with the riches of the health which is never lost. I've learned to recognize the value of acknowledging both our individual and collective trauma history. Specifically, I've been trained in the practice of CST (Cranio-sacral Therapy), and many pivotal ways by which one can start the journey back to wellness with a keen awareness of the role of the vagus nerve/system. 


I am committed to helping you find/carve your path. "If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's." -C. Jung

Joshua Levine, LMT
Massage Therapist

Charlotte James, LMT
Massage Therapist, CPCC
- Somatic Expressive Arts Practitioner


As an integrative bodyworker, I offer caring, present and intuitive touch to my clients. I co-create customized experiences with each client, tailoring the session to meet their needs. My approach is nervous system and process oriented and has been shaped by both my personal and professional studies in various somatic embodiment trainings and modalities over the past 20
years. I view the body to include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of the self. Our bodies hold our entire life experience. Body sensations, postures and gestures can reflect our history and our current patterns of moving and ways of being.

I support my clients to shift patterns of tension and pain, orient toward agency and resourcefulness, attune to the felt-sense of their inner guidance and inherent wellbeing and live a more embodied, joyous and creative life.

My intention is for my clients to walk away from their session feeling nurtured, enlivened and more at peace in their own skin. The modalities I incorporate in my work include Swedish,
Lomi Lomi (traditional Hawaiian style massage), Neuromuscular Therapy, Connective Tissue Massage and CranioSacral Therapy.


Angela Ferri  MA, LMT, RCST, PE
Massage Therapist
Maya Abdominal Therapy
Trauma informed therapist

Each bodywork session is unique, and may combine an eclectic blend of Neuromuscular Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Connective Tissue Massage, and Swedish techniques. Techniques are combined to resolve myofacial inertial areas. Craniosacral Therapy is also offered separately.


Sessions are integrative, providing deeply relaxing, yet efficient, effective, resolution focused outcomes. They are also supportive of people in transitions of all kinds, trauma survivors, those in recovery, and those in bereavement.

Life experiences all include years of social dance, belly dance, pilates, yoga and kriya yoga, as well as gyrotonics. I enjoy regenerative gardening, yoga, hiking, paddling, and integrating all aspects of my life so that each part nurtures the other.

Laura Kalman, LMT
Chinese Medicine inspired Abdominal Massage & Visceral manipulation
Craniosacral Therapy
Trauma informed bodywork


Laura Kalman is a licensed massage therapist in Virginia and Maryland. Laura recently moved
to Charlottesville from Baltimore, Maryland, where she owned and operated a successful
integrative wellness center for 13 years. She is incredibly excited to get to know her new city
and be a part of its rich healing community. Since graduating from The Baltimore School of
Massage in 2005, Laura has continually refined her skills to expand her therapeutic knowledge
and better serve clients and communities.

In recent years, her therapeutic approach has mostly focused on trauma-informed methods to
address chronic illnesses and nervous system regulation. She utilizes various skills to meet
clients comfortably “where they are” and to intuitively customize unique healing experiences for
body, mind and spirit. In her work, following the "direction of ease" is a guiding principle. This is
the idea that a skilled practitioner can tune into the innate wisdom of a body and facilitate its
natural inclination to move or "unwind" in the direction of its own healing.
Sessions with Laura may include various modalities, from traditional deep tissue to more subtle,
energy-based techniques. She is influenced by both Eastern and Western healing systems,
utilizing myofascial modalities such as craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, energy
healing approaches like Reiki, and/or Chinese medicine influenced acupressure and abdominal

Her most influential trainings have been in Dynamic Body Balancing with Dr. Carol Phillips, Chi
Nei Tsang as taught by Master Mantak Chia, Upledger's Craniosacral Therapy, Plant Spirit
Aromatherapy with Amy Meilman, and the Jivan Yoga Teacher Training with Anjali Sunita. Laura
also studied Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is a long time student of the
Sivananda Yoga lineage.

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